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Do you resell user data?

Nope, like Apple, we deeply care about privacy and security. We are very picky on these topics and we will never do anything wrong for users. Sadly, a lot of companies are doing a sneaky business with the data of users and it's wrong. You can trust us on this topic.

MacPodium (web browser)
How to block access to adult content?

Two methods are available:

Using the app:
With MacPodium, you can create black lists (blocking a list of sites)  or white lists (restricting access to a list of websites).

Using third parties solutions :
We recommend to use some third parties DNS or apps like these ones

How do I purchase volume licenses for federal agencies?

If you are a federal agency, you can purchase our app from Apple directly with Volume Business discount program.

How do I access to the preferences if I remove the button?

There are two cases.

Mac version: you can use the keyboard shortcut COMMAND+OPTION+P

iPad version: you can draw a circle on the screen with your finger

Is it possible to disable the Force Quit function of macOS?

Yes, in preferences of mcPodium (security tab), you can disable Command+Option+Escape option and many other settings.

Is it possible to hide the menu bar of the Mac or disable some menus?

YES, in the preferences (security tab panel), you can hide the menu bar or disable the menu options of the Apple menu.

How to solve display issues?

First, make sure that your website is located inside the Documents folder of your Mac. Because of sandboxing policy, Apple do not authorize developers to access documents on other locations. Another solution is to enable Apache web server on your Mac and use the http://localhost URL address.

MacPodium Stage (content builder)
Can you explain the differences between kiosk apps?

There are 3 types of kiosk apps that you can create with our Content Builder Service.

Make entry pages for your internet kiosk in minutes with links to websites.

Create small websites with a powerful wysiwyg editor. 
(up to 10 pages per app)
Add pictures to display them in full screen mode with a specific timer for each picture. Mostly used for full screen presentations in public spaces or digital signage applications. 

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