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Full screen web browser optimized for internet kiosks
Since 2008, the app is trusted and loved by hundred of thousands of IT professionals around the world.


The biggest strength of MacPodium: simplicity and reliability.
Our customers around the world love this product for many reasons but mostly for the ability to bring life to any kiosk project. For enterprise customers, we offer a license of the source code of the Mac and iPad versions. We can also build custom versions for specific projects with the help of our parent company

With the full support of the Macs powered by Apple Silicon, it's even more fun and powerful to use our solution. Check the list of features and our list of customers at the bottom of the page.

Easy to try, easy to buy

MacPodium is very affordable as we believe that kiosk management apps should be accessible to any kind of user. We have amazing discount based on quantities.

The trial versions are code-signed and notarized by Apple (service to detect malwares).

Features MacPodium MacPodium Pro MacPodium tablet
Platform Mac Mac iPad
Operating system macOS 10.14 or + macOS 10.9 or + iOS 12 or +
Optimized Intel & Apple Silicon Intel & Apple Silicon Apple Silicon
HTML Engine WebKit WebView WebKit WebView WebKit WKWebView
Full screen mode
Support of local website
Password for preferences
URL control (black & white list)
Customization user interface
Support of Content Builder Service
Favorites management
Option to add a logo in the toolbar
Customization icons of the toolbar
Digital Signage Applications support
Many themes for icons
Automatic restart after a crash
Popup windows management
Support of old versions of macOS
Many more options
Languages English, French English, French English, French

Trial versions are code-signed and notarized by Apple (security service to detect malicious apps). We do not use data of users to respect privacy


Museum of Making Music, Apple, Facebook, Gap, Princeton University, University of California, New Museum New York, NASA, University of Freiburg, BOSE, UBER, Colgate, Honda, Brooklyn Museum, Nobel Museum, Uber, Bose, Botanic Gardens, Yahoo, Sodexo, University of Texas, Colgate and much more

Mac version

iPad version