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Discover the power of our service allowing you to create content for your internet kiosk with a simple user interface.

Content Builder service optimized for kiosks applications
A tool to build landing pages or simple websites


• Build landing pages
• Build simple websites
• Manage links and pages
• Add pictures, logo for links
• Powerful wysiwyg editor for pages
• No contract required
• One-time purchase


• Add content to your kiosk
• Manage your content for each kiosk
• Centralize the data in one location
• Customize for each application
• Simplicity, no coding needed
• Online App with 99.9% uptime

Build landing pages

In some cases, you install an internet kiosk with only one page serving as a menu for websites or content? MacPodium is the solution to easily build landing pages also called menus.

Build simple websites

The content for a kiosk is always important. With our advanced wysiwyg editor and many options available, you can create a full website in a record time with menus to navigate the content.

Build simple presentations

Some kiosks are used for Digital Signage applications: a screen just presenting pictures wihtout interaction. We made a simple tool to just do that.

Easy to buy

We offer bery affordable plans.

Desktop App for Mac available

Requires macOS 10.14 or later versions. Optimized for Macs with Intel or Apple Silicon processors. The app is code-signed and notarized by Apple (service to detect malwares).